Best poker hands that players need to know

Best poker hands for player

In Texas Hold’em, it’s important to pay a lot of attention to choosing good starting hands for the draw. This is important because a careful and careful selection of starting hands prevents you from drawing banks with marginal hands, which in the long run can lead to the loss of quite a lot of money.

Traditional High Poker Hand Ranks Players Need to Know

“Choice of starting hands”, by and large, is the choice of good and resetting bad for drawing starting hands. In Texas Hold’em, any starting hand can win, and that’s true. But the fact is that some hands are able to win more than others. So if you stick to pots with only good hands, you will have to win more money in the long run.

The best possible hand for players

The first “category” of starting hands is the top 2% of all starting hands. Good starting hands in Texas Hold’em are usually big pocket pairs and big suited ligaments. Thus, the best hands in Texas Hold’em are:

  • AA.
  • KK.
  • QQ.
  • AKs.

The small letter “s” near the rank of cards means suited. Pocket cards of the same suit have more value, since they have more suitable cards in the deck. So, with suited AKs, you are more likely to make a flush than with suited AKOs. The small letter “o” near the rank of the cards means a different suit.

Obviously, we would like to play only the best starting hands, and if only such starting hands would be dealt to us each hand, we would win a lot of money. In fact, there is little chance that if we play only premium hands and fold any others, we will win money in the long run. But such a strategy will probably only work at low limits, where other players most likely do not follow the game and, accordingly, will not know that we are only playing premium hands. Best hands in poker allows any player to get a high chance of winning.

The second “category” of starting hands. If you play only the starting hands that are part of the “elite” group, you will have to fold a large number of other starting hands. Thus, you will lose the opportunity to win extra money. Although the hands described above are a kind of “cream” from all starting hands, there are many other pocket cards with which you can win a lot of money in the long run if you play them correctly. These hands include:

  1. AK.
  2. AQs.
  3. AJs.
  4. KQs.
  5. JJ.
  6. TT.

So, we added 6 more starting hands with which you can safely play, increasing the number of banks we play. Although they are not as good as hands from the first set of premium hands, they are also very strong starting hands with which you can win a lot of money. Best starting hands in poker are the best cards for any player.

Now, if you stick to this “set” of 10 starting hands, you will be on the right track to winning money in poker. Thus, for any novice poker player, you should do everything possible to resist the temptation and not try to play marginal hands. You just have to stick to the next 20 best starting hands. However, remember that each of these 20 best starting hands can be played differently depending on the actions of opponents at the table, the size of their stacks, and, most importantly, on your position at the table relative to opponents. List of best poker hands must be known before starting the game.

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