Poker hands to win the game

Poker hands to win playing online

Poker is really a difficult game that can be very frustrating for beginners. They find that it is not easy to remember all the card rankings, Preflop tips and Poker hands to win. However, as always, something that seems to be very complicated stuff turns out to be a simpler task.

The truth is that a newbie is hardly different from 95% of all Poker players in the world. To remember how to win Poker hands he has not to be an absolute expert in the field of gambling. Basically, it is enough to follow a few basic principles to dramatically improve the results.

Poker hands to win online

First of all, it is enough to start learning the rules of Texas Hold’em: this variant is the “father” of all Poker games. There are 169 meaningful combinations of cards. It might scare a newbie, but for the beginner, it is needed first to know by heart the best hands here, some of which are unbeatable. Only five are referred to as Premium ones, and these are:

  • A-A;
  • K-K;
  • Q -Q;
  • A-K (suited);
  • J-J Poker hands to win.

Regardless of the player position, he should always play such a hand if there was no raise in front of him. If there was a raise, it may even be that only A-A and K-K are playable. If a player looks at starting hands from this perspective, he will find that he should throw off about 80% of his hands. The stronger the starting hands are, the less difficult decisions should be taken. Of course, the playing style of each individual starting hand depends on numerous different factors.

Card combinations to risk

The basic principle is that only a few Poker hands to win in online Poker can be played. If no player decided to raise before the newbie, he can play almost any hand that has a certain value. If a player raises in front of him, the gamer must limit his selection to the few hands. This will prevent him from getting into a situation where the person can easily be dominated. For example: Avoid playing K-Q after a raise because here, the gambler is dominated by hands like A-A, K-K, Q-Q, A-K, and A-Q.

If there is no good reason against it, the beginner should hold onto the best 10-15 combinations. The more experience the player gets, the more hands he can add to the list of playable ones.

The rest best starting Poker hands

If a newbie gets at least one of these card combinations, he also has chances to win (the coolest ones were mentioned above):

  • 10-10;
  • 9-9;
  • A-Q;
  • A-J;
  • K-Q;
  • A-10;
  • K-J;
  • A-Q;
  • J-Q.

These Poker hands to win the game should be suited, and the A-K combination can have any suits.

The most important tip when playing this game online is to deal with the right provider that can be trusted. Another best recommendation: fewer hands should be considered.

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